I like WordPress.  I’ve kept this WordPress blog operating for a couple reasons even though I have two other blogs on their own domain names.

First, I get access to wordpress  stats with this plugin.

Second, I get access to the Akismet SPAM plugin (built into WordPress).

I’m currently posting all my family related stuff to and all my technology related stuff to where I’m hosting my own copy of WordPress.


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It’s A…

Most of you know what gender the baby is. If you don't.. here is the evidence:

If you still don't know.. just email and ask 🙂

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A New Blog

 Well, I have been using SnipSnap as my blog software on for quite some time.  I did some work on our virtual server technology yesterday and woops, snipsnap now refused to load up all the posts that I orginally had at  Well, I searched around a little while for a solution and was unsuccessful.

 What I did find (I already knew this), is that the developers of SnipSnap are not actively maintaining the project.  It has been beta sofware for a very long time.  Since I have no desire to contribute to it and I have no desire to try to fix it, I've finally decided to ditch it.

 The real test will be to see if there is some way I can get all the content I had moved over here.  I have all the data still but I'm going to have to get some time to figure out how to import it.  SnipSnap uses a markup format that is unique to itself so I'll have to see if I can write a script to convert the format to something that is readable by wordpress.  

In the mean time, I'll post some of the recent news. 

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Testing out

Hi everyone, I thought I better reserve me a blog while I could still get a good name. I may start posting stuff here if I decide I like the interface and the features.

WordPress has a few things that blogger doesn’t have. You can create arbitrary pages and you can also file postings under categories.

In the mean time however, my old stuff is still at My Blogspot Address and the latest stuff is still at

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