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May 3, 2006 at 3:18 pm Leave a comment

 Well, I have been using SnipSnap as my blog software on muhlesteins.com for quite some time.  I did some work on our virtual server technology yesterday and woops, snipsnap now refused to load up all the posts that I orginally had at muhlesteins.com.  Well, I searched around a little while for a solution and was unsuccessful.

 What I did find (I already knew this), is that the developers of SnipSnap are not actively maintaining the project.  It has been beta sofware for a very long time.  Since I have no desire to contribute to it and I have no desire to try to fix it, I've finally decided to ditch it.

 The real test will be to see if there is some way I can get all the content I had moved over here.  I have all the data still but I'm going to have to get some time to figure out how to import it.  SnipSnap uses a markup format that is unique to itself so I'll have to see if I can write a script to convert the format to something that is readable by wordpress.  

In the mean time, I'll post some of the recent news. 


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